PLAYBOY 2004 Playmate July Dorien Rose

Some women are beautiful, some are sexy, and others are kind, funny, clever or sweet. Dorien Rose our Playmate of July is all those things at the same time. You wouldnít expect it when you meet her at first but Dorien Rose is a very serious girl. While her fellow Playmates are relaxing at the swimming pool, in the Turkish sun, Dorien Rose is focussed on her books, studying for her beautician exams. Itís not that easy because, there are a lot of distractions at the pool. But Dorien Rose is sitting there with her Gucci sunglasses concentrating on her homework. When the crew leaves to shoot another Playmate, she retreats to her hotel room and finishes everything she promised herself to do. A few hours later she returns. ĒFinished!!Ē

When Dorien Rose is in front of the camera she poses as an accomplished vamp and seduces the camera, the photographer and the entire crew. The camera and the beautiful model seem to develop a love affair. The camera admires, registers, and falls completely in love. After the shoot there is time for socialisation. She orders a glass of wine, flirts with admiring beach boys and now she tells stories with her soft charming accent. Content after having accomplished what she had set out that day, she can relax and let go.

How did you get this seductive soft accent? Born in Limburg?

No, I was born in Haarlem and after that my family and I moved to Hong Kong for 6 years. When we returned I lived in Bloemendaal, Landraaf, Nuth and now near Sittard. So I spent most of my life in Limburg. I guess I that is how I developed my skill for languages and accents.

How was it to pose for Playboy?

Wonderful. Itís an honour to work with this amazing crew. Everyone is so kind and the hotel and surroundings are beautiful. The only negative aspect is that my muscles ached after a day of posing in nearly impossible physical positions, but Iím OK now.

How is it to pose naked?

I felt comfortable about it. Iím a bit of an exhibitionist so it feels natural. My mother told me that as a child, I got angry if I wasnít allowed to take my clothes of at the hair-dresser in Hong Kong. So itís not that weird. Itís hot there! Seriously, my only condition was that it should be aesthetic, not vulgar. And I like to be in the centre of the attention.

Are you wild?

Only when Iím in the right company.

Do you feel sexy when you get attention?

It feels good, but Iím not really busy with trying to be sexy all the time. To feel good is more important for me, and if your happiness shows, you become a more sexy and shiny person.

Are you a type for a one night stand?

No. I want more then just the lust. From my experience I can say that one night stands tend to be too superficial to give real satisfaction. I am flirtatious girl, but to be seduced more is needed than just passion.

What kind of guy should that be?

I donít like the typical macho, narcistic guys who are totally in love with themselves. I like tall, cool, passionate, and funny guys that I can have a good conversation with.

What can that guy expect from you?

Iíll show him every corner of the house in a very special way.

In 1 session?

Who knows? Use your imagination.


Name: Dorien Rose Duinker
Breasts: 35.5
Waist: 23.5
Hips: 36
Height: 5 ft 7
Weight: 125
Date of Birth: 14-11-1983
Place of Birth: Haarlem

Ambition: Finish my study and travel around the world as a model and actress.

Sweetheart: My two dogs. They are always friendly, no matter what.

I admire: Ambitious people with a goal in life.

I donít like: Jealousy

I feel sexy: When I get positive attention. But being whistled at turns me of completely!