PLAYBOY 2005 Playmate of the Year 2004: Dorien Rose

With overpowering majority of votes she was chosen as the first Dutch Playmate of the year: Dorien Rose! As a gift to all the men who voted for her, the sexy girl from Haarlem shows herself once more from her most sexy side. With Love!
Normally we don’t really like it when men or woman have a pet-name for their most intimate body part: ’Shelly’. ‘Yes, cute isn’t it?’ The cuteness of Dorien Rose stops there. Spicy and spontaneous is a better description for this beauty. “Adventurous and a little crazy” she adds to that.

But since she was voted Playmate of the Year, she is above all, very grateful. “Yes, a lot of my contracts this past year were a result of the Playboy attention." After that feature, she signed up with Elite Models, and has been busy as a full time model since. Dorien Rose has travelled Milan and Paris for shows and editorials. “My life has completely changed, it’s crazy, in a very positive way. In the past year I have become more independent, moved back to my roots and started an exciting career. So, I feel that I am growing as a person. In a way, these changes in my life are because of Playboy and that’s why I enjoyed doing this second shoot, with and for my friends at Playboy." The sweetheart!