PANORAMA 2006 Playmate Power

Whoever is chosen to become a Playmate in America, England or Germany is assured of continuing success. Whoever is a Playmate in Holland is almost forgotten as soon as the next issue hits the stands. A shame! The real Dutch Playmates Dorien Rose, Olga Urashova, Lotte Oterdoom and Ancilla Tillia decided not to impassionately accept this and unite in the Playground Agency. We had the pleasure to publish this new popular group, and we are sure: these pictures will not be forgotten!

Dorien Rose

In the team:
Dorien Rose is an ambitious young lady with a clear expression and mind. She knows exactly what she wants and makes sure she gets it.

Most formidable seducing tactic:
Brief flirtations are not Dorien Roses’ style. But if she has you targeted, she will not take ‘No’ for an answer resist her presence. Why argue?

Secret Weapon:
Her mouth and eyes show life. But don’t give her the ”you look exactly like Angelina Jolie” line.

Loves a man who:
Is original, self confident and good looks don’t hurt.

Guys who don’t stand a chance:
Guys that spend more time in front of the mirror then myself.