MAXIM 2006 Dorien Rose

Donít we know you?

Haha, could be. I used to work as a model for Elite, now Touchť Models. It could be that youíve seen me in some magazines or commercials. Itís a nice way to make money and I love my work.

So you make a lot of money modelling?

Well, itís not big bucks all the time, but itís more then I used to earn.

Better then behind a supermarket counter. Plus you go places. How did you like Curacao?

Beautiful, sunny, green and relaxing.

Would you go here on a vacation as well?

I would. But I prefer Indonesia or Thailand. I grew up in Hong Kong and when we went back to Holland we still went to Asia for vacations a lot. Itís kind of a second home.

Whatís so nice about it?

What isnít? Itís moist, pleasant temperature, tropical and absolutely beautiful landscapes, mountains, kind people. Lovely food. Itís very easy going.

And that suits you?

In general Iím a busy type, but I can get very lazy. Sometimes itís very relaxing to have nothing on your mind, but after a while it gets boring. When Iím in Indonesia I relax at first but after a few days I get restless and start planning trips.

Good life. But you canít stay a model forever?

Thatís not my intension. Through the commercials I got involved with acting and fell in love with it. I still have to learn a lot but isnít that what we are doing our entire lives? Iím following workshops and in May I flew to LA to check it out. In the meantime Iíll continue modelling because I love that too and I need to pay my bills.

You look like Angelina Jolie. Do you have your own Brad Pitt?

No, Iím not seeing anyone right now. Iíll keep my eyes open.

What kind of guy has a chance with you?

Itís all about the chemistry. I never really had that yet, itís a rare thing. He should be able to cope with my weaknesses.

Do you have those?

Sure. Iím a real Scorpio and that means that Iím ambitious, jealous, impulsive and we are loners. I appreciate my time alone, though I do like to have people around me. I do have mood-swings though: Now Iím happy but in 5 minutes I could become a bitch. Not that balanced, I guess!

Is it true that youíd rather do glamour shoots then fashion?

Glamour is more relaxing, fashion is more stressful most of the time. Iím an exhibitionist, and my input seems to inspire the producers, who are predominantly male.


Yes, I use my female charms. Women do that.

So youíre more of a guyís girl than a womanís girl?

No, only at work. I have both girl- and boyfriends.

What will you never do again?

Everything we experience happens for a reason and is a lesson in life. So: Nothing.

What will you do again?

I loved doing the Maxim job. My private experiences Iíll keep to myself.

A quote:

A dirty mind is a joy forever!