PANORAMA 2006 In the Rose

In 2004 Dorien Rose was chosen Playmate of the Year. We think thatís reason enough to spoil her. Of course she doesnít turn down the opportunity of a photo-shoot on the island of Curacao. The only thing we wanted in return is a bunch of beautiful pictures for our magazine. Mission accomplished!

An expanding Rose

To be chosen as Playmate of the Year is definitely worth a party. But if goes Dorien Roseís way the party should be more of an opening one then an after party. Dorien Roseís capacity doesnít stop by just being her beautiful self. Last year she starred in commercials and itís not going to end there. She just returned from LA where she started to make one of her dreams come true. She was there for new contacts and intends to go back there in September. We might lose here. An international acting career, thatís what she wants. You might say ďshe is not the only one who wants that.Ē But do those others look so incredibly beautiful and sexy as our own Dorien Rose. We donít think so. Her dream role is Sharon Stonesí part in Basic Instinct. We totally agree!

You seem like you enjoyed yourself in Curacao?

Absolutely. Sun, sea, the beaches. Iím not complaining. Iíve never been to Curacao before and even though I was here for work I didnít forget to look around and relax.

Is that you favourite kind of way to enjoy a summer day?

It depends on my mood and the situation. For a real vacation Iíd rather see myself on a white beach with clear water, like the Bahamaís and not having to worry about the production and hoping that we get all the pictures done in time. And I am not a person to sit around on the beach all day. I like to go sight-seeing and discover the country, track through jungles and meet the local people, maybe do some shopping and after that have a nice cocktail by the pool.

Do you have a boyfriend?

No. Why do I always get that question? I hate to say Ďnoí all the time.

Thatís hopeful news. Whatís wrong with the Dutch beaches?

The Dutch beaches are soooo crowded. Thatís not very relaxing. Especially these obnoxious guys trying to impress.

What are the most irritating things that happen on the Dutch beaches? Loud music, macho guys, fat German people?

As long as they play Roxette they can turn on the music as loud as possible, but the chance of that happening is quite small, I guess. There arenít a lot of Roxette fans around anymore, but I am certainly one of them. No kidding! I donít really appreciate macho guys in speedoís. And Germans I understand quite well since my mom is German! So, wrong question.

Oeps! Imagine this. You go to the beach and you can only bring 3 out of these 4 things with you: Bikini top, sun protection, bikini pants and a towel. What would you leave at home?

Who made up these questions?


The sun protection. Iíll borrow that from someone else on the beach.

Thatís cheating. Let me put it differently. Thereís no one else on the beach so you canít borrow anything?

Then I might as well leave my entire bikini at home. Nobodyís there to see me, so!

So youíre not a topless kind of girl on busy beaches?

Not really. If families and kids are there, itís not decent in my eyes. Children donít chose to see naked people everywhere. Itís not that Iím not comfortable doing that, but there are times and places for everything.

Seriously. What do you do on a summer day in Holland?

Go to my grandfather and sit on his roof terrace with my best friend Claudia were no one can see us. Dip in the baby pool, listen to Roxette and have a pick-nick. Perfect!


Do you ever stop?!