PLAYBOY 2006 Dorien back from LA

In May Dorien Rose went to LA for a fashion shoot and to orientate on the American film market. While she was there she was asked for some other shoots as well. ďI had a wonderful time there. I went there because I wanted to see LA and see how everything works there. I eventually want to live there and concentrate on the film market and progress my acting skills. I met some people who could help me in the future. Made new friends and Ferri introduced me to some interesting people. Iíve seen all the famous parts of LA as well and now I know for sure that I want to live there. Everything about that city is great. The streets, houses, beaches, the weather, stores. Itís so American and Iíve always had this thing for the US. I had dinner with the Producer of the Mortal Kombat films, Larry Kasannof. Everything about that city was very exciting to me, but Iíll see where it will lead me in the future. Iím already planning to go back in September.Ē

In the meantime Dorien Rose is following workshops and is posing for a lot of magazines. Now she is on the cover of the Zomer Panorama and later this year sheíll appear with a photo special in another famous magazine.