CH… MAGAZINE 2006 From a topmodel to actress

We will not be surprised if Dorien Rose will be casted as the little sister of Angelina Jolie some day. Don't you think the similarity of Mrs. Pitt is striking! We invited her for a Wintery shoot where the ice lost it from the heat of Dorien Rose...

She is just 23 years old and already she can call herself a top model, great business woman and an upcoming actress. Dorien Rose is the spitting image of Agelina Jolie but 10 years younger. When we call her she tells us with her sexy voice: ďI just got back from a shoot in Germany and in a couple of hours I need to go to the next appointment, so Iíve got 20 minutes for this interview!!Ē

Dear Dorien. How did you become a model?

When I was 16 a scout asked me to make a photo shoot for an upcoming magazine. Since that day my life changed. When I was 18 I posed for Playboy and after that I got my first contract with Elite models. Now my mother agency is Touchť Models.

All that because of some nude pics?

Some people may say that itís bad business for a fashion model to go naked, but it worked the other way around for me. My agencies around the world believed in me and it paid off. I see a different girl in every picture and thatís what you need if you want to be a model.

You told me that since you where a child you dreamt of being a star. Is that why you did Playboy?

I always wanted to be an actress. I saw modelling as a great start. First a thought a lot about if it would be a good idea to do Playboy but after a couple of talks with the director I gave in. I donít regret it.

Why did you wait that long to pursue your dream?

For a long time I live in Limburg and thatís not the place to become a star. I was busy with school, because that was important for me too. I moved back to Amsterdam 2 years ago and since then Iím doing my best to follow my dream. Acting friends told me that I should do some workshops and go to casting agencyís, I did that and rolled into the world of acting.

And you had classes with the famous acting legend Josja Hamann!

Yes. After a normal workshop he selected the best of the class and invited us to do an intensive non-stop workshop in France. It was very helpful. We practised 12 hours a day in the middle of nowhere.

Did he give you tips?

Of course. The best one was that I should try to avoid sexy roles as much as I can. Otherwise I would be a typical stereotype actress. I should try to be ugly! That would be more interesting for me. And I did.

What would you like to play?

Iíd like to play a nerd. I think Iíd be good at that!

You started the Playground Agency with some colleagues. So youíve got business skills as well.

Yes, we thought it was about time that Playmates can do other media work as well and not just be a model that is forgotten after they pose for Playboy. Our managers help us in our individual careers.

Playmates manager. Isnít that a menís job?

Thatís why we have 2 mail managers.

Do you choose the girls that join the Playground Agency and is your opinion different from what you managers think?

Definitily. Guys look at a woman and think with their dicks. For me itís important that they have brains and a goal in life as well. Thatís very important if you want to make it in the entertainment business.

You used to live in Hong Kong. Did that change you mentality?

I was 6 when we came back so I donít think it effected me that much at that age. My mother is German and Iíve got a lot from my personality from her. Because of her Iím that driven and never give up.

Do beautiful woman have more sex then the girls next door?

I can only speak for myself. In my case it doesnít work that way. It is easier to get men but Iím very picky. Iím not interested that easy. So I donít have a lot of sex.

Is there a sexual phantasy that you would like to play in a movie?

No, Iíd rather keep my sex life apart from my professional life.

Are beautiful woman dangerous?

Could be. Beautiful woman are used to get a lot of attention and that makes them smarter in a way. They know that they can manipulate men and can get their way without doing a lot. So, I guess itís true in a way. But I wouldnít take advantage of it to much. For me itís important to achieve goals without manipulating guys that much. I want to get there because of my talents and experience.