GV BABES 2007 Dorien Rose

How did you become a model?

A photographer once asked me to pose for him. I discovered that it was a fun and easy way to make money. That photographer showed pictures to Playboy and after my first playboy shoot I was asked by Fashion Agency Elite to work for them.

Did you used to dream about the star youíve become? Or do you have more dreams?

I always dreamed of being in the spotlights, glitter and glamour. But mainly I always wanted to act. I hope to make my money some day with mainly making movies for the rest of my life. Itís the best job to do in the world in my eyes. I love to play another person who is totally different from my personality. Iím on the right track but still have a lot to do to become a fulltime actress. Learning never ends. And I love to organise productions en creating ideas. Iíve been doing that since I was 16 and in a way Iím my own manager. Thatís hard work but I love doing that.

What would you have done if you never became an actress/model?

Probably the music industry I love singing and it runs in the family. But kind of screwed up my voice from smoking for years.

You grew up in China. Did that change you in a way?

Maybe in way. But being the person I am now is thanks to my parents. Theyíve been living around the world and have seen so much. Their open minded mentality has been and is my biggest inspiration.

In the meantime you accomplished a lot. What can someone wake you up for in the middle of the night?

Iíll keep that answer to myself if you donít mind.

A question from the editorial staff. Are you single?

Iím not going steady but I canít say Iím singleÖ

I read that you played in a movie produced by Mike Myers. Is he a pervert like we saw him in the Austin Powers movies?

It seems youíre mistaken with the American actor.

Will this movie be shown worldwide?

Some people from Los Angeles are interested in doing something with it. But in Holland it definitely will be on television.

You are a presenter for TV Limburg. Good for them but isnít that a little bit below your level?

Not at all. I had no experience what so ever in presenting for television so Iím very thankful they approached me and gave me this chance. Itís a very cool, interactive and popular television station in Limburg with a daily reach of 34%.

A lot of people think of you as the Dutch Jolie. Would you play her twin sister in a movie? What movie genre would you prefer?

Of course. She is one of the most talented and popular actresses in the world. Iíd be crazy not to. I would like to play a verity of all types there are. Thatís the great thing about acting. Being whoever and whatever they ask you to be.

In almost every Dutch movie you see a love scene. Would you do that?

Iíll consider. Depending on the producer, script etc.

What do you do besides modelling, acting and presenting for television

Nothing special. Yoga, cardio. Iíd love to drill myself in fighting sports or something for a movie and learn something totally different then what Iím used to do. Learning and training new things and get payed for it. Who wouldnít love to do that?

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Iíd like to be a fulltime actress. Built an orphanage for neglected animals. Have my own magazine. There are still a lot of dreams. But happiness and health comes first.