Dorien Rose, Dutch Angelina Jolie: Recognizable, versatile, blinding beauty.

You donít have to talk to her to get intriged. You donít have to know her to recognize her biggest handicap is her dazzling beauty. She is gorgeous, unbelievably beautiful. She decorated covers all over the world like Chť, Panorama, Playboy, Niveau and Talkies. She knows how to seduce the reader. As the Playboy Calendar Girl 2006 she reached the hearts of a lot of men. But Dorien Rose is more then a Playmate. She is professional, versatile, determent, extremely ambitious, complicated and a real stickler. A woman to meet and fall for.

When I meet her I donít know if Iíll recognize her. My visit to her website confused me. Then sheís blonde, brunette. Sometimes naked, then tempting dressed sophisticated. She has a lot of faces, knows how to create a lot of types. In spite of all the different faces on her website I immediately recognize her when I see her entering the cafť where we planned our meeting. I see why she is booked as look a like of Angelina Jolie worldwide and her striking personality filled up the room when she enters. Itís funny, it feels relaxing to talk to her. I donít feel like the interviewer. She gives me the feeling like itís OK to go on a voyage of discovery. Not hasty. Pure and sincere. A real conversation.

Soon I realize that anyone could meet this woman in a dark bar as in a yet to New York. A woman shopping on a market in Heerlen or in the overpriced fashion streets in the PC in Amsterdam. A woman who knows exactly what she wants. I ask her if itís contradiction or versatility. Dorien: ďI never thought about that. Iím a busy person and always find things to do. I have a goal in life. If I want something I make sure I get it. Donít mean to sound arrogant or anything but Iím not a softy. Extremely driven maybe. I just want to be clear to people about the things I want so that they know they canít play me for a fool . ĒThe the Dutch Jolie stoppes talking and laughs: ďWhat was your question? Oh yeahĒ, and she continues: ďMaybe it has something to do with my western Dutch origin, this intelligibility, daring to say what you think and donít turn away from the truth. Iím not common and I may seem complex sometimes but Iím pure in my love for my friends and family. They are there for life.Ē

You are used for a lot of different types of shoots. It seems it comes easy to you. ďIt feels natural to me and it does come easy. From Playboy style to fashion at Elite models. Itís totally different. After Elite I switched to Touchť Models but I quit working for that modelling agency a month ago. Itís to complicated. I had to travel and itís hard to combine that in my acting and presentation jobs in Holland so now I do shoots through my management and personal contacts. Because of some commercials I rediscovered my love for acting and Iím doing anything I can to achieve being a successful actress. In the meantime Iím busy with projects with the Playground Agency. An agency that presents the finest Playmates from Holland. I just want to concentrate on projects I like to do like presentation, commercials and movies. I love to organize events and creating Tv programs.

How is the acting going? ďMy first movie is in theatres now. Iím the female lead in the movie ĎPurgatoryí. I play the seductive Ruth.Ē Again a tempting role? ďYes, I seem to have the erotic charisma so why donít take advantage of it.Ē What about the future? ďI just signed an exclusive contract with the young underwear line Sapph. Iím the official face of the brand so Iím busy with all kinds of Sapph projects. And after that.. Weíll see. Maybe I should just let life take itís own course for a change.Ē