French fries withÖ Dorien Rose

Every month Corine treats a personality that is prominently seen in the street scŤne. No billboard model is safe from our columnist from now on. This week she ate fried with lingerie model Dorien Rose. When I walk to Palladium I see her right away. Well, she is quite an appearance. Dorien Rose. She is my first guest for this new column. As she drinks her juice we talk about off-the-record girl gossip. When I take my notebook she begins to tell what she is doing now a dayís. First of all the commotion around the Sapph billboards with Dorien Rose in lingerie!

"I was asked to be the face of this brand when I met the owner on a party and thatís when it started. Then I had the shoot for these pictures which was kind of strange and new for me because of the scŤne, heavy make-up, leather attributes. Things you would never see me in walking on the street of course. The picture turned out really bold. That was our intention. Because it is a sexy picture some people (Feminists, Christians) think itís denigrating for woman, could cause traffic accidents or that it would have a bad influence on children because it would lead young children to prostitution. The newspapers and TV were talking about that commotion. Iím glad 99% thinks differently about that."

When I ask her what she thinks about these few opinions she sayís conscious and resolute: "I think itís more disturbing that people think this way. Itís just a confirmation for me that people with that opinion are unworldly. I canít think of another way to sell lingerie. I donít want to live life in narrow circumstances. I want to do the things that make me happy and comfortable. If they really want to do something worthwhile they should do something about the sex commercials on TV. That is denigrating towards woman and doesnít give a real image of woman."

Sheís not only a model. She is an actress and hostess for TV. Soon viewable as the main character in the movie Purgatory. "Acting is my passion. I love to be in the centre of attention and being creative. I was always like that. Singing with my fake microphone, directing my own plays with my sister and friends. The fun thing about that was that I could always be the leading part!" On school she and her 2 best friends used to be bullied because of her English and western Dutch accent. But that doesnít bother her anymore. They are grown-ups now and when she sees them itís all ok and fun. So no hard feelings anymore.

She doesnít like trendy clubs because of the fake atmosphere. Her favourite partyís are their own Playboy parties. They are Ďthe bombí, she sayís. When I ask her of Playboy changed her life her response is: "It gave a push in the right direction but the things I did and choices I made are because of me and my will to achieve what I know is inside me."

When I ask her who her parents are she sayís: "Mommy and daddy. Haha." Sorry stupid question. Do you want children? "Iíd love to have my own child and would love to adopt children from Asia and Africa. Iíd like to have a nice family and loving husband and live in New York or Los Angeles and still pursue my career in acting. And hopefully make enough money to build foundations for underprivileged children and almost extinct and abused animals in the rest of the world. I want to go there and try to do something myself about those situations. When I have the opportunity Iíll do anything in my power to help and raise money. Whatever happens.. I wouldnít want a Ďnormalí life." Do you stick to a dieet? "Oh no. I eat everything I want. But I do go to the gym every day! Sport is a very important element in my life and always has been." Letís eat to that! As we eat her favourite fries with mayo and peanut sauce we talk some more about off-the-record stuff and walk to our cars and decide that we should see each other more often.

Interview by: Corine Haacke