Dorien Rose enjoys the attention!

She was on billboards on all the streets in Holland dressed in lingerie. Some people thought it was woman unfriendly and the pictures were criticized because it was causing too much distraction on the road. Dorien Rose is very cool about. Its my job and Im proud of what I do.

The model that spend most years in Limburg while growing up is proud with her pictures. That some people think its denigrating to woman doesnt seem to bother her much. She says: The pictures show an image of a strong and sexy woman and I embrace that. Why should I hide that? Is there another way to sell lingerie? She had an international and free youth and upbringing. She is brought up with 3-languages and never had a hard time to make contacts. Her mother was a model and father an international businessman. She was born in Haarlem, grew up in Bloemendaal, Honk Kong and partly in Limburg. She doesnt complain about her youth. I lived there when I was 7 until I was 18. We had a huge farm with animals and beautiful surroundings of nature. A lot of friends, freedom and loving parents and a younger sister. Her parents are divorced now. Mother Barbara and sister Nadia live in Sittard now and her father Tom in Germany.

She never dreamt of becoming a model. Her ambition was becoming an actress. When she became 18 she was discovered by a modelling agency and shooted by famous photographers in Amsterdam and published in magazines. I never was fashionably while growing up. I had my own style and people teased me because of that. I was weird. Didnt like to do what others did. Always wanted to stand out. I moved to Bloemendaal (In the Amsterdam area where my grandfather lives, I visit him every day now). Its beautiful, quiet and green. I still visit Limburg a lot because my sister and mother still live there. When Im there I party a lot and meet old friends. Are your friends jealous or do they think its strange that you live the live that you live? I dont think so. They always knew that Im a fighter and a show girl who loves the camera so it feels natural tot hem. She was cover girl of dozens of fashion and glamour magazines and first Dutch Playmate of the Year in 2004. Persistence is something the 23 year old definitely has. You need that in this world and patience as well. Its in my blood so its not hard for me. The financial situation isnt always as glamorous as people think. You earn more in less time then in an ordinary job but you dont work everyday. My dream is being an actress in big Hollywood productions. I love transforming my spirit and body into an other person and see things in a different perspective. Its so mind opening.

She cant think of anything else she would want to do with her live. Dorien is hostess for TV, model and actress. She debuted with a leading role in a new movie. When I was young I always drew the attention by acting crazy. Maybe I am crazy!

Dorien Rose is happy with the person she has become and goals she had and achieved but says she is just getting started. She is ambitious and has ideals. When Im unable for any reason to stop modelling or acting or when I have the opportunity because of my status, money and fame I want to build orphanages for abused animals and homeless children in countries with poverty and no chances like Africa. There is so much horror in this world and things Im concerned about and I really feel the urge to do something about it.