YES 2007 Life of a glamour model

How where you discovered?

“I started as a playmate in Playboy. After the first shoot the director of Elite Models Amsterdam asked me to work for his agency. That was 3 years ago and I work as a fashion model since that. I never expected to do modelling in that way. But I use it as an opportunity to my goal and that is acting. Let me put it this way. A movie star! Being a playmate or people calling me that was never an ambition. But at the same time it has helped me in other ways to achieve and stimulate to do things I always wanted to do.

Are there a lot of haters in the modelling scène?

“More in the fashion then in the glamour scène I must say. But I don’t pay attention or feel that way to anyone.”

What was your best paid job?

“The commercial jobs are well paid, a lot more then editorials. I did commercials like Royal Club Specials and Dubbelfris. Sometimes I earn 3000 euro for 3 hours work. Other times they pay nothing or like 50 euro for a whole day.”

And your coolest job?

“The first shoot for Playboy was very nice because it I was in Turkey for the fist time and it felt like a vacation. It was all new for me. The pictures I like the most is the cover shoot for Talkies, shooted by my favourite Ray Christian.”

What’s the down-side of modelling?

“Glamour magazines like Maxim or FHM as well as editorials for Cosmopolitan, Vogue or Elle pay nothing or almost nothing. They’ll say ‘It’s good to work on your portfolio. It’s an honour to work with that photographer. It’s for your own promotion’. I hate it when they tell me that but I can’t do anything about it. That’s how this world works.’’

What nice about modelling?

“You live, work and learn and even when it doesn’t pay a lot the experiences make you a richer person from the inside.”

Did you study?

“After high school I studied to be an elementary school teacher for a year. Just because my best friend did it. Then I studied for masseuse and beautician. No I only do acting and hosting classes.’’

Do you pay attention to what you eat?

“Sometimes I try it for a day. But I’m, weak when it comes to food. But I do go to the gym everyday. My measurements are 90-60-94 and a perfect body for modelling is supposed to be 90-60-90. I think it’s rediculous but who am I?’’

Do you know models that have anorexia or are on drugs?

“From the playmates nobody has got anorexia, they are all addicted to it like me but some of the fashion models do but will never talk about it. They just don’t eat and get nervous when they are around food. And the modelling agencies are just like ‘It’s the way she was born, blabla.’ I think it’s sick and not something that should be encouraged. Just enjoy life and stay healthy at the same time. And drugs? I personally don’t think I know a model who is addicted to drugs. But me and some of my friends use it as an experiment from time to time and tried some things just to know how it feels. As long as you know how, when, where, with who and you’re able to control it. Why not.‘’

Is there something you would want to change on your body?

“My hair! I’ve experimented a lot with my hair. I’ve had extensions, coloured my hair blonde, braided, straighted, curled. Everything! Before all that I had the thickest and longest hair but never was happy with whatever I did or how it was naturally. So it’s thin and screwed now. That’s why I have tracks now to cover that up. I hope my hair will come to life and will be beautiful without the tracks some day. So the hair thing is my biggest issue.’’