PANORAMA 2008 Murder Babe as Mistress

Dorien Rose plays a mistress in the hit film Murder Babes from Dick Maas. A role where she doesnít have any difficulties playing and which she loves to do over for the Panorama cameras.

I just arrived in the suite where the photo shoot of Dorien Rose as mistress takes place and in no time Iím naked with Dorien in the bubble bath. Totally unexpected cool turn in this interview. Photographer Rob Durand had the idea that it was the perfect setting for this conversation about cheating, walking around naked on a film set and wearing sexy lingerie. Dorien liked the idea and it all happened so fast! I might me straight but to share the same bath water as Dorien is something even I canít resist. To look at her this close! America might have Angelina Jolie but we have Dorien Rose. And they are a similar match! It is the 4th time that Dorien is on the cover of Panorama: Why so many times? Because every chance we get we want to show her of! This time because of her role in Murder Babes where she plays the mistress and walks around naked! Because this shoot is so beautiful I donít want to write too much because we need all the space we can get to fill these pages with her pictures. But if you want to know what Dorien Rose has to tell about Dick Maas, cheating and sexy lingerie watch the interview in the bubble bath online on Panorama TV. We also have some footage of the photo shoot and everybody is happy with that, right?

Interview by: MylŤne de la Haye
Backstage Footage!