PRIMO TV 2009 Angelina Jolie VS. Justin Timberlake

For a moment the world really thought that Justin Timberlake was dating Angelina Jolie. You could read in the papers and on the web. But the two who are really dating are actress and billboard model Dorien Rose and Timberlake look a like Anthony Whitehead.

"Weíre just having fun together ", sayís Dorien about her relationship. "We hope to see each other as much as we can and thatís hard since we live in different countries. A relationship? No. A beginning romance, yes."

How did you meet? Dorien Rose: Threw the look a like business. We talked over the internet and then he flew over to from the UK to Holland and we had fun together.

Op MySpace you both call yourself single... Yes itís safer that way. We donít know were itís heading and itís to soon to tell. We like each other a lot because we are a like. Weíre both scorpioís and think a like. I know the newspaper said different things but another thing that wasnít correct is that we couldnít walk down Sunset Boulevard. I wish we will one day and if people think weíre the real stars thatís to bad. That wonít stop me walking there cause thatís my ultimate place to be and I hope that I could live there one day and take my acting career to another level. No I donít see him as Justin and he doesnít see me as AJ. We like eachother for who we are and what we do is just a job. If you fall in love with a farmer girl you donít call her farmer girl all day now do you;-) Heís a beautiful person inside and out he looks like Justin and thatís hot of course. (smiles) And he doesnít expect me to walk around like AJ all day. Iím a person that love to wear comfy clothes, no make up and messy hair. I donít give a shit what I look like when I have nothing to do. And I donít want my man to care about it either. He should like me for who I am and not what I look like.

But to get a man is easy when your beautiful? Every woman can have sex whenever she wants. Man meat is weak. They think with other parts then theur brains most of the time. Woman donít even have to be really pretty or smart. Girls are way pickier then man and when a girl realizes that a girl can play the game way better then guys and get manipulative and picky. But to get a man and keep a man are two different things.

Are you picky when it comes to guys? No I am. When youíre younger you try thing. Just look at appearances. Thatís were it usually goes wrong if thatís all you look at. I never made the same mistakes cause I learned of every mistake and made myself the promises never to fall for a guy like that anymore. One time I got so screwed over that I didnít hace sex for a year and a half. Or another time a guy fed me with hopes and dreams and I had to find out on tv he had a girl for 3 years and mistresses. Lose old bad habits is my motto. So every time I picked a different type but in a way they were all to wrong types for me. Cheaters, liars, brainless, beaters. I tried them on but Iím not settling for that anymore. Iíve seen it happen a lot that girls fall for the guys that resemble their father for example. When a girl getís beaten up by her father sheíll constantly settle for a guy that does the same but I think thatís weak and especially then think about what youíre doing to yourself and break out of that pattern. Iíve been disappointed every time but have no regrets. Iíve learned and I think Iím wiser now. There is wall of carefulness around me now and only a great guy can steal my heart.

That long without sex!? Yes I was done with men. Thinking about being a lesbian. It was the period I became a successful model and had other things on my mind. Couldnít do that long without it now. I want someone with a good heart and someone who treats me with love and respect. Itís hard for me to give myself completely at first now. Kind o scared to be heartbroken again so I just need time to trust. I want to begin a family when Iím about 30 so I still have time. If Anthony is Mr. Perfect? Time will tell. But the start is pretty perfect so who knows.

Do you want 10 children like Angelina Jolie? Two (smiles) Ten is to much. I want enough time for myself, husband and career and I think that many children will cost to much energy. But I do think being a mommy will be the greatest gift and I canít wait to give my parents grand children.

You play in videos with the title: Iím your bitch. Are you a strong woman when you do that? I wouldnít actually say it in a video but understand why some girls do it. You have to work yourself up in the industry and itís just role playing so itís a narrow minded to say that woman arenít strong if they say it in a video. All woman have a little bitch inside of them. I wanna be my own bitch not someone elses. If a girl is to sweet she will be walked over all the time and thatís certainly not good for your growth. Itís a hard world so sometimes it pays off to be a bitch.

What do you do as Angelina Jolie-lookalike? Attend parties, mix and mingle, photoshoots, attend premieres, videos, travelling. Fun stuff. Live the life of a celebrity for shorts moments. Make people happy and then go back to your normal life after. The best of both worlds. Mostly they book you to draw press and crowd attention for store openings. One time I was opening a store and there were two helicopters filming it. Crazy! Anthony does the same but he also performes just like JT. He worked with Madonna and JT in the '4 Minutes' video. In Holland people are to down to earth for the lookalike scene in general and I like to focuss on my own career here.

You recorded the Tarantino style trailer ĎNailed By Nikitaí that Tarantino chose as the winner and was featured on the Planet Terror/Grindhouse DVD. How did you feel when you heared that news? Happy! Heís my hero. My dream is to work with him one day. Freaky movies I love them. Really hope I could play a guy or get a role like Charlize Theron in Monster one day. Just show other qualities then physical appearance.A lot of people donít think that models would want to do that or could do that. There are so many haters in the business or on the street and a couple of weeks ago I was talking to my friend about that. She was so sad about the bad reactions she was getting and I told her: HATERS are weak people with insecurity and jealousy issues and feel better when they reflect their negative emotions to the LOVERS who actually do love themselves and inspire each other to be even better. So I quess we are LOVERS. .

Do you feel down sometimes? Who doesnít. My uncle Allard died in 2008. That was the lowest point in my life. When Iím down I wright poems to give it a place. He was my biggest fan. We had a lot fights and fun moments. He teached me a lot and showed the deeper meaning of life and opened my eyes. Spiritual, science, NASA, UFOís, planets, how we, the people, are being held stupid by higher powers. Maybe what he tought me is true maybe not but it was interesting and the truth is: We all donít really know so as long as we all believe in ourselves and respect each other it will be ok.

What about all your tattoos? Not gonna tell about all of them cause we would need two more days but the one on my wrist is for Allard. A ying yang sun cause he always drew that and his live motto was: Love is All, All is Love in Chinese. And that around the ying yang. And I was in Bali in November 2008 to celebrate my moms 50th and my 25th birthday and I had 2008 tattood in Balinese and also because that;s the year he died and he would have become 50 that year too. It was tattood in the same place were he was 2 years before. Iím really addicted to tattoos. I had my first when I was 16 and since my uncle died I canít stop. He was a person who got addicted to things very easily too just like me. He was depressed and one night it went wrong and he couldnít find another way out then to end it. I miss him every day and hope he found his peace. His body is gone but his spirit is brighter then ever and lives threw my family now. Ironicly we understand him better now then we did when he was alive.

You didnít see it happening that he would wanna end it? No cause he always was planning things. He called me up crying a couple of days before he died. It did confuse me. But I already experienced a lot with him and didnít think he would do something like that. He was so emotional and fragile. But you never expect something like that to happen. It dropped in like a bom but everything happens for a reason. Spirits and souls an bodies come and go and I guess it was just his time to go.

Tattoos are forever! Yes. Wouldnít wanna have it another way. I love them. Itís a drug for me. I love to immortalize my visions, quotes, dreams and family on my body. Itís an addiction. Friday the 13th Iíll have my life quote tattood: What goes around comes back around. People ask me if it will cost me work but I donít think so cause we all know about photoshop. Itís just me. Mostly they donít even shop it away and I like it that way. It make my outside like my inside.

Is this a hard world? Very hard but very beautiful. I love life. Love to explore and enjoy. Donít understand a lot of choices like several family members who decided to end their lives because they couldnít handle their lives or the hard world. I love fighting, believing and achieving. I love to suck up the taste of everything for beautiful memories. Of course we all feel sad sometimes but we live this life once and we should all make the best of it. Itís sad that my uncle is gone. He was the one who told me to do Angelina work. He wanted me to conquer the world and he always believed in me. Now Iím trying to live his dream for him too. Because of him my daddy subscribed me to lookalike agencies and now Iím doing this work and having so much fun and met Anthony. After rain comes the sun and thatís why life is beautiful. Thanks All!