Dorien Rose Portret

Dorien Rose was born in the city of Haarlem, the Netherlands, but soon moved to Hong Kong with her Dutch father and German mother. Her first language was English as she grew up in the expatriate community of Discovery Bay, where she also attended the international kindergarten. During that period also her only sister Nadia was born. As a six year old she returned to the Netherlands (Bloemendaal) and eventually settled in Limburg close to the German and Belgium border. She mastered the Dutch and German language quickly through the family contacts in both countries.

During her high school days she lived in the protected environment of the family farm in Nuth with many animals and surrounded by beautiful nature. In those days she spent most of her leisure time with caring for her horse and animals and competed for many years in dressage. At the age of 18, after having graduated from high school with subsequently completed a one year course as beautician she decided to move back to Haarlem, a more dynamic area in Holland. Her ambitions to pursue a career as a model were first triggered during a vacation in Kenya where she was asked to participate in a fashion show, and also had her first photo-shoot. In 2003 she received her first professional contracts for Panorama, Snoecks and other Dutch magazines shot by photographer duo Hans Toonen and Wientjens in Ibiza, Spain.

This publicity resulted in a coóperation with Elite models and an offer to pose for Playboy. After the Playmate-July 2004 feature, she was awarded the first Dutch Playmate of the Year title in 2004. Both feature series have been published in many international Playboy editions. Since then she changed to Touché models and an interesting period followed both in Holland and abroad, with various photo-shoots (Panorama, BLVD, Yes, Niveau, Talkies), fashion shows in Paris and Milan, and TV-commercials (Royal Club Specials and Hero Between), TV Shows (BNN Tequilla, Life and Cooking) and videos (Lange Frans and Jort Kelder). These recent experiences made clear for her that besides posing in front of a camera, she had developed a passion for acting. To help realize her dream of an acting career, she has recently completed several workshops with Harry Klooster, Kemna Casting, de Trap and followed an intensive workshop with Josja Haman in France and travelled to LA to orientate on the film market. After that she performed in several movies and video clips. In spite of her busy schedule she travelled around the world for cover shoots and editorials.

In 2006 Dorien Rose and her colleague Playmates Olga, Marcella, Melisa and Lotte united in the Playground Agency. This agency represents the finest and most successful Playmates. She‘s being accompanied by a Dutch artist agent. He advises her in every step of her career (tv interviews, shoots and other new projects).

In 2006 Dorien Rose shot her first movie 'Concpt The Movie' by Melchior Verheezen where she plays the wife of the male lead. In December 2006 Dorien Rose played the female lead in the movie 'Purgatory' directed by Mike Myer. This comedy will be in cinemas and television in February 2007. The movie was shot in an Irish pub in Utrecht. In the same month she set foot into the world of presenting for TV. She was asked by the makers of TV Limburg to host big events twice a month in discotheque Peppermill. Her job is to do interviews on famous artists and visitors. 2006 was a very successful Year for Dorien Rose and she proved her glory with stepping into this New Year with her face on the cover of 5 glossy/international magazines. (Ché Magazine, Imogène, Tulp Magazine, Niveau Magazine and Voorwinden).

In January 2007 Dorien Rose signed with Sapph Lingerie, an 1 year old lingerie line and became the face of the brand. Because of her obligations to the brand she decided to decrease her work as a fashion model and totally concentrate on her activities as the Sapph model witch contains photo shoots for billboards, advertising, catwalk activities, modelling consultant etc. In February she presented Sapph lingerie during a 3 day lingerie/convention/fair in Paris. There was a lot of attention and interviews during her published billboards and bus-stop posters around the country. A few months later she decided not to work exclusively for Sapph anymore. Now she also works for Muchachomalo and her pictures appeared in the 10 by 30 meters shopping window of Shirley's Schiphol Airport. And she'll pose for them every 3 months.
She also completed a lot of acting workshop this year. With actor/producer/coach Hugo Metsers and for the 3rd time she completed a 14 week acting training with drama coach Josja Hamann.

Until January she proceeded her occupations as a presenter for TV Limburg. In May she started hosting fashion parties and horse events for Filmloop TV and shooted a new commercial for Dubbelfris drinks.
Earlier this year she played herself in the pilot 'What Woman Want' for Endemol Worldwide which is now in the top 3 for most sold TV Programm. In the summer of 2007 she starts working as a VeeJay/Side-Kick at TMF (MTV Networks) in the new programme De Dagrand.
In July she and her best friend/colleague Olga Urashova shooted a fake trailer 'Nailed by Nikita' for a A-Film competition to make a trailer in the style of Quentin Tarantino’s film Grindhouse. Quentin Tarantino chose 'Nailed by Nikita' as the winner and now the trailer will be an extra on the DVD of his new film Grindhouse.
Dorien Rose stars as bad girl Angelina in 'Millionaire The Film' for Lotto by director Tim Oliehoek (Shouf Shouf Habibi, Vet Hard) which came out in August.
Once again she was asked by Tim Oliehoek to play in an episode in the popular komedie TV serie 'Voetbalvrouwen'. This episode where she stars next to actors Nicolette van dam and Bas Muijs will be aired in the beginning of 2008.
In August she acts in the new Dick Maas (Flodder, Amsterdammed) cinema movie 'Moordwijven' (Also starring: Bracha van Doesburgh, Hadewych Minis en Sanne Wallis de Vries). In this movie she impersonates Laura, the mistress of two of the husbands of the leading lady's. The premiere of this movie is in December 2007. After that she also played the leading lady in the music video of the soundtrack of 'Moordwijven' namely 'Bring Down Tomorrow'a song from the most popular rockband in Holland Di-rect. In November Dorien Rose was contacted by Playboy International because they've been following her career a while and showed interest to make a documentary about her. So they flew to the Netherlands and payed a visit. Dorien gave them an impression of her work as an actress and cover model and guided the viewers threw Amsterdam. This documentary will be aired on Playboy TV Worldwide.

2008 Dorien Rose kicked of with a cover of the Switser Glossy magazine FACES made by photographer Katja de Bruijn.
Actresses Caro Lenssen (Stille Nacht), Birgit Schuurman (Sexual Perversity), Dorien Rose (Moordwijven), Sylvia Hoeks (Vuurzee) and Sophie Tabouret (Sprint!) have been working on six short movies for BNN. Under the name 666 these six actresses made movies about their devilish schemes. Dorien Rose had the lead in 'Friday Night'. The movies will be premiered in the theatres and later on 101TV-BNN. They started shooting 19th of January and the production was in hands of Elbe Stevens, Bobbie Boermans, Eldar Gros and Daniel Nogueira.
In February 2008 she shot her 4th Panorama cover.
In 2008 Dorien Rose is the face of luxury event Eccentric in Belgium with a beautiful photo of Frank de Mulder.
In May she works with top director Eddy Terstall on the interactive movie: The Playboy Experience. This because Playboy Holland celebrated her 25th birtday this year. And later that month her management confirmed that she's the face of two festivals this year, Pleasure Island and Ex Porn Star! With billboards and posters she was viewable through the country and not only for these events. Also her Sapph billboard campaign and Muchachomalo Underwear is viewable around the globe. Dorien Rose is also the face of the ad and billboard campaign of the new parfume by Revlon 'Charmed'.
In the summer she did two videos with DJ's Mike S.-I'm your bitch and Wess Vall-Los Banditos.
In August and September Dorien Rose travels to countries like England, Spain, Belgium and Germany for hosting jobs, store openings and appearances en photo shoots as Angelina Jolie’s look a like. In October 1000 billboards of Sapph appear on the streets of Holland and Dorien Rose was chosen as the most beautiful woman of Playboy in Brazil. During this time she develops herself as actress with commercials like Inventum and a guest appearance in Shouf Shouf the series.

In the beginning of 2009 Dorien Rose records a debut single under the name P3 named POWNED with colleagues Marcella and Carlijn as a promo action to win over members for the new founded TV channel for GeenStijl: PowNed. This becomes an immediate hit and reaches the charts out of nothing to a Number 1 hit! And because of all the media attention for this new girl group we all witnessed her activities on the PowNed channel when they were making their own music video, doing interviews and covershoots. This all helped to achieve the ultimate goal and that was getting enough members to found GeenStijl’s PowNed channel.
Since January Dorien is the weekly sidekick of Giel Beelen on 3FM’s Freak Nacht. You can watch her there every Friday night on TV channel Nederland 3 and hear her on Radio station 3FM. Also she stars in the leader of the new BNN program Dennis vs. Valerio. And in 2009 she's the face of the new Van Gils campaign in Europe as Angelina Jolie. She also stars in International music videos such as Fedde le Grand, Wess Vall and the German singer Sasha and the short movie from Senol Korkmaz and Wess Vall: It doesn't happen, twice. She also gave interviews to he most popular magazine in Germany, BILD and with the French Cosmopolitan.
She also has a role in the new movie Mentale Sieraden with actors like Fleur van der Kieft, Eric Bouwman and Linda Wagemakers. In August Dorien Rose is on the cover of the American Armada Magazine with a 7 page spread with her complete biography. And in October she was crowned as Queen Dorien. Holland's most succesful Playmate ever. In December she's on the 3 month issue of Winter Panorama with inside a '2010 year of Dorien' quiz with 20 questions for the fans. This month she also received a award for Most Stylish Model 2009 at the first PC Hoofstraat Awards. The Awards show for Dutch stylish celebs and enterprisers. She plays a guest role in Oh My God, scores 2 American Magazine covers and 2 covers of the internatiol albums of Fierce Angel. She also travels around the world as Angelina look a like and for the RTL programm Golf and More.

Name: Dorien Rose Duinker
Date of birth: November 14th 1983
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-Green
Height: 5ft9
Weight: 125 pounds
Size: 35,5-23,5-36

Education & Training

2007 Josja Hamann:
Workshop 'Acting in front of the camera'
2007 Hugo Metsers:
Workshop 'Acting in front of the camera and script analysing'
2006 Harry Klooster:
Workshop 'Acting in front of the camera'
2006 Kemna Casting:
Workshop 'Audition and camera training'
2006 Josha Hamann:
'Intensive workshop in France'
2005 - 2006 Zee- en Duinwijk:
Speech Therapy & Training
2003 - 2004 Instituut Leeuwenborgh:
Diploma Beautician
1996 - 2002 St. Jan College, Heerlen:
MAVO and HAVO diploma

Special Skills

Horseback riding, yoga, singing, street dance, tango, salsa, swimming, golf, tennis, aerobics.


Dutch, German, English (Accents: American, English, Scottish), basic French.

Professional Experience

Cover Shoots: Panorama (6 covers), Summer Panorama, BLVD, Yes, Niveau (2 covers, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium), Talkies, FotoIdee, Playboy (3 covers, Dutch Playboy calendar 2006, French Playboy calendar 2006 and Playboy Croatia), Imogène, Tulp (2 covers, Netherlands and Marocco), Ché Magazine, Ché Cocktail calender 2007, Daniëls Bögemann, Sapph Work Book, Faces 2008 (Switserland), Young Style Magazine 2008 (Germany), Pleasure Island Magazine 2008 (Netherlands), Pacha Magazine 2008 (Spain), Party 2008 (Netherlands), Greek book novel 2009 (Greece), AWB Europe 2009 (Europe), Armada Magazine 2009 (America), Advanced Photoshop 2010 (America).

Other Shoots: Man Magazine, Casting, Snoecks, Veronica Magazine, FHM, New Magazine, NL20, ID&T, LINK, PIG Italy, Elegance, Marie Claire, LINK, Pulse Magazine, Men's Health, Glossy, Motor Magazine, Glamour, Elle, Cosmogirl, Glossy, Cosmopolitan, Telegraaf, Playboy (Brazil, Netherlands/Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia en Spain), Metro, Pink Ribbon, Knak Magazine (Belgium), Chapeau Magazine, Attitude, NRC Next, De Pers, Lace, Jackies, Quote 500.

Also: Okra Fashion Show 2002 (Kenya), La Perla Lingerie 2003 (Austria), Dove Billboard Campaign 2005 (Production: Carli Hermès), Framesi Show 2005 (Milan), Marlies Dekkers Lingerie 2006 (Paris), Coiffure Show at Life and Cooking tv 2006, Billboards Brand Beer 2006 (Netherlands), Face of Sapph Lingerie 2007-2008 (Worldwide)-Face of underwear line Muchachomalo 2007-2008 (Worldwide), Face of Ex Porn Star 2008 (Netherlands), Face of Pleasure Island 2008 (Netherlands), Face of Revlon Parfume 'Charmed' 2008 (Worldwide), Fashion Fuque Show 2008 (Netherlands), Face of Nixie Cosmetics 2008 (Worldwide), Face of Amsterdam Fashion Week 2008 (Netherlands), Fashion Show Take Two 2008, Number 1 of 100 most beautiful woman Playboy (Brazil), 200 Sapph Billboards (Netherlands), Commercial Inventum (Netherlands), Face Van Gils (Europe).

Film/TV: Commercial 'Royal Club Specials' 2005 (Production: Carli Hermès)
Commercial 'Hero Between' 2007
Film 'Concpt The Movie' 2006 (Production: Melchior Verheezen)
Item 'BNN Tecilia' 2006
Video Lange Frans and Jort Kelder 'De reiken moeten niet zeiken' 2006 (Production: Eyebytes)
Film 'Purgatory' Premiere 2007 (Production: Mike Myer-ZeroDrie)
Presenter 'TV Limburg' 2007
Pilot 'What Woman Want' 2007 (Production: Endemol)
Presenter 'FashionLink Party' 2007 (Production: Filmloop)
Side-Kick 'TMF' 2007 (Production: MTV Networks)
Commercial 'Dubbelfris' 2007
Film Trailer 'Nailed by Nikita' 2007, chosen as the best trailer by Quentin Tarantino (Production: Maurice Tromp A-Film)
Film 'Millionaire The Film' 2007 (Production: Tim Oiliehoek)
Film 'Halloween Nightride', Premiere 2008 (Production: Frank Herrebout) TV Series 'Voetbalvrouwen' 2008 (Production: Tim Oliehoek)
Film 'Moordwijven', Premiere 2007 (Production: Dick Maas),
Personal Documentary 'Playboy TV' 2007 (Production: Playboy International),
Short Movie 'Friday Night/666' 2008 (Production: Elbe Stevens/BNN),
Interactive Movie 'The Playboy Experience' 2008 (Production: Eddy Terstall),
Video 'Mike S.-I'm your Bitch' 2008,
Video 'Wess Vall-Los Banditos' 2008, Guest star in 'Shouf Shouf the series' 2009, Promo Video's for 'Sapph Lingerie' 2009 (Production: Will Harper),
3FM/Nederland 3 sidekick 'Nachtegiel Giel Beelen' 2009,
Musicvideo as P3 'POWNED' 2009 (Production: GeenStijl/PowNed), Leader Dennis vs. Valerio 2009 (Channel: BNN), Movie: 'It doesn't happen, twice' 2009 (Director: Senol Korkmaz), Music video: Sasha 'There she goes' 2009 (Production: vITAMEDIA), Music video: Fedde le Grand 'Are you scared' 2009, Movie 'Mentale Sieraden' 2009 (Director: Bart Dokter), Series 'Oh My God' 2010 (BNN), Radio Commercial 'Sapph' 2010 (Wild FM).